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Posted on: 08/06/2023

London Paella school

In a vibrant celebration of culture and culinary arts, Thames Park Secondary School recently welcomed the renowned London Paella School to our grounds. The event was skilfully organised by our Modern Languages teacher, Miss El Hayani, and provided our students with an opportunity to delve into the world of Spanish cuisine.

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As part of our commitment to encouraging self-help and self-responsibility, the hands-on workshop saw our students roll up their sleeves and dive into the process of paella making. Under the expert guidance of the London Paella School, they learned about the history, ingredients, and techniques behind this iconic Spanish dish.

Demonstrating the school value of equality, the event was open to students, regardless of their culinary experience. Each student was given the opportunity to contribute, learn, and enjoy, ensuring an equitable experience for everyone involved. The workshop provided a unique opportunity to apply the principle of democracy in a non-traditional setting, as the students collaboratively decided on the ingredients and steps involved in their paella creations.

In a fantastic display of creativity and self-help, one of our students, Blu Benjamin, demonstrated our school's commitment to openness and inclusivity. She skilfully crafted her own vegan version of the paella, showing that dietary preferences and restrictions need not limit one's ability to participate in and enjoy such activities.

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The event served as a testament to the importance of social responsibility as well. The London Paella School highlighted the significance of using locally sourced and sustainable ingredients, thereby reinforcing the importance of caring for our environment.

Embracing the spirit of honesty and openness, the students shared their culinary experiences and discoveries with each other. They reflected on their successes, and yes, even their 'not-so-perfect' attempts at paella. This open exchange of experiences fostered a supportive learning environment, where mistakes were seen as opportunities for learning rather than failures.

The feedback from both students and staff was overwhelmingly positive. They praised the workshop for its interactive nature and the valuable culinary and cultural knowledge it provided. Miss El Hayani, who orchestrated this enriching experience, expressed her delight at seeing our school values come to life in such a unique and engaging way.

This event truly showcased the versatility of our school values. It highlighted how principles like self-help, self-responsibility, honesty, openness, and social responsibility can be seamlessly incorporated into diverse learning environments. More importantly, it demonstrated how these values translate into tangible skills and experiences that prepare our students for the diverse world outside the classroom.

At Thames Park Secondary School, we firmly believe in the power of experiential learning and the importance of providing diverse opportunities for our students. We look forward to hosting more such engaging and educational events in the future, where our students can continue to grow and embody our school values in all their endeavours.

Written by bakande