At Thames Park Secondary School, lessons start at 08:20.  In order for students to make it to lessons on time they must have entered the main gate before it closes at 08:15.  All students who arrive to school after this time will be registered as late.  Any student who is late twice or more in a week will receive a sanction.


8.00am - 8.15am

Breakfast Club

8.20am – 10.00am

Lesson 1

10.00am – 10.20am

Y7 Break

Y8 & Y9 Form Time/Assembly

10.20am - 10.40am

Y8 & Y9 Break

Y7 Form Time/Assembly

10.40am – 12.20pm

Lesson 2

12.20pm – 1.05pm

Lunchtime and activities

1.10pm – 2.50pm

Lesson 3


Tutor time/Assembly