Welcome from the Head

I am incredibly excited to be joining Thames Park Secondary School in September 2023. As the newest secondary school in the Osborne Co-operative Academy Trust it has been on an incredible journey so far and I am looking forward to ensuring the school continues to grow from strength to strength.  

We aim to provide all students with an education that is tailored to support their academic development as well as their well-being; physically, mentally and spiritually. The partnership between our school and the parents and carers of our students is crucial in ensuring all the young people in our school develop into honest, open young people with the ability to care for others and develop a sense of social responsibility. 

We have a clear set of co-operative values; self-help, self-responsibility, equity, equality, democracy and solidarity. These values underpin everything we do. These values are not just words, but help to create the “Thames Park Way.”  

It is very important to me that every young person that attends our school feels encouraged and enabled to reach their potential and beyond. No child is left behind as they are supported to be healthy, happy British Citizens of the future, capable of success in the modern digital world. 

As well as our hard work, we also expect our students, supported by their parents/carers to arrive every day, on time, ready to learn. We insist on high standards and encourage all students to have incredibly high expectations for themselves. The atmosphere in our school will be welcoming and purposeful, calm and inspiring - something you will experience for yourselves when you have the opportunity to visit us. 

It is my honour and privilege to lead Thames Park Secondary School.


Sam Dyer